Uncategorized August 22, 2022

Getting Ready to Sell!

Often home sellers make a plan to prepare their home for sale but the plan doesn’t always improve sale price.  I always recommend that a seller reach out to their Realtor (me, of course!) to get a consult prior than doing too much work. Here are some major points in preparing your home.

De-Clutter – I cannot emphasize this enough. Buyers want to see your home, and often they are too distracted by your stuff.  Basic principle is to clear off as many surfaces as possible (counters, tables, bureaus, etc). Next, minimize furniture if possible – let buyers see the “space” in each room; a furnished house usually sells better than an empty house but too much furniture gives buyers the impression the rooms are small. Closets, attics, basements – get rid of anything you don’t plan to move, and then leave the space as organized/neat as possible.

Clean – cleaning THOROUGHLY is incredibly impactful. Sweep the garage and basement floors – clean the nooks and crannies, clean the oven, window sills, crown molding, tops of cabinets – it all helps. And for those of you, like me, that don’t have the time for a big clean, find a cleaning person to do a one shot major clean and INCLUDE WINDOWS. If you have a fireplace/chiminey that has been used often but not cleaned regularly, it’s a good time to consider that. Any carpets that need a cleaning should be done just before you list your home.

Organize – you cannot believe how much a neat home affects a buyer’s perception of your home.  Buyers see themselves living in your home as you do. Neat linen closes, organized clothes closets all set a tone of easy living – it’s like taking a deep breath and letting it out – that kind of feeling.

These THREE activities matter a lot, and are usually the least expensive.  Then, there are the optional items below which do help but if you don’t have the $$ or time, they are not always do-able.

Freshen Up – a new doormat, a clean/painted front door, and neat landscaping all play into a first impression. This can include powerwashing your vinyl siding, planting flowers, sealing a driveway.  Inside, look to touch up paint OR change bright or worn paint to neutral colors. Change out cabinet handles to something more updated. Would a new lighting fixture add appeal?

Update – carpet colors, countertops, appliances that are old  – changes will definitely show to your buyers.

Repairs – anything you know that might come up at home inspection should be addressed if it isn’t working right or hasn’t been checked (furncace, a.c., etc.)

Title 5 – always good to get it done when you are getting ready to sell. That way if there is a problem you can address it ahead of time.

I work with a stager and pay for a hour of staging for any seller who wishes. Sometimes just moving a piece of furniture or decor really helps how a room is seen. Let me use my experience to advise your in preparing your home for a successful sale at the highest price. Call me today!